LEADER™ products have the same active ingredients as their national brand OTC equivalent and are on average 30% less*. By promoting these products, you can increase profitability in consumer products, tracing the path for financial growth and success of your pharmacy.

Since caring for the families of your customers is very important to you, we’ve committed the LEADER™ brand to supporting the heart of a healthy community. The LEADER™ brand products offers:

  • Profit growth for your pharmacy and savings for your customers.
  • No risk, 100% money back guarantee.
  • The same active ingredients as their national brand OTC counterparts—at an affordable price.
  • Strengthen customer loyalty.
  • Provide a point of difference for your store.

Make your pharmacy the preferred destination for consumers looking to make smart purchases of items they need, with the quality they expect and the value they deserve.

Visit www.marcaleader.com to see our products, offers and useful tips you can share with your patients.

*Margin calculated using Value Retail Price Strategy. Consumer savings based on average retail pricing. Pricing is at the sole discretion of the retailer.